Search Files with Powershell

It’s not uncommon for me to be editing a document or creating a draft and completely forget where I stored the file. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend minutes, hours, sometimes days racking your brain trying to figure out where that file is. Thankfully, one of these times I decided to let Powershell do the work for me, rather than aimlessly click through my dropbox.

Applying Agile Principles to an Escape Room

Recently my team and I headed down to New Orleans, Louisiana for a team building trip and to get a lot of face time. Working remotely, it becomes difficult to set aside the time and hash out certain things that weren’t working well. In our case, it’s our JIRA board that was an absolute nightmare. It’s incredibly beneficial to be able to put everything aside and actually work on process improvements.

Powershell Summit 2017 Recap

I’d really like to start this post off by giving a HUGE thank you to the team. They’re incredibly inspirational with how much time and effort that they pour into the community, and because of that I’ve renewed my resolve to get back to blogging and delivering as much content as I possibly can. I wanted to give a quick and dirty rundown of the sessions I attended and what I was able to take away.

Infrastructure Testing with Pester

I just got back from the Powershell Summit 2017 conference in Seattle, and boy did it get my brain working. There are lots of talented people in the community and the Summit is the place to meet them all, share ideas, and really wrack your brain trying to squeeze out useful information to help others on the bleeding edge of Powershell development and implementation.

Large Exchange Test Environment (Part 1)

Recently I was tasked with a really fun problem that I thought would be fun to blog about. This’ll be a multipart blog since I’ll cover each bit of this task in depth

Simple Logging Function

So I was looking around for a very very simple function to verify where I was seeing errors in one of my scripts, and I couldn’t find anything that looked and felt the way I wanted…  So I decided to write my own!

Automation and the IT Balancing Act

One of the things that drives me working as a System Administrator is the push and pull of my workload with the help of automation, and it’s a subject I feel that not many administrators fully understand.

Powershell Scripting Get-ADUser Use Case

At the University we are a weird mix of centralized and decentralized IT support.  A lot of times this means I don’t have all of the access I need in order to find all the information I want, but with a little creativity I can get around the roadblocks that centralized IT has in place.

Powershell Discovery with Get-Command and Get-Help

This is an old post I made in February of 2016. Since converting to wordpress from time to time I’ll be pulling my old posts over and put them here

How I Work IT

Well, here we have it. Today, I’ve pushed a hard reset on my blog and now I’ll be using jekyll on Windows and hosting it via github pages. I’ll let you know how I like it, but so far I’m much more impressed with it than I ever was with wordpress. I’ll be working on migrating my old blog posts into this jekyll/gh-pages format in the future.